FGBS3040E1_F085 Fairchild Semiconductor Integrated Smart Ignition Coil Driver

Fairchild Semiconductor
Description The FGBS3040E1_F085 is designed to directly drive an ignition coil and control the current and spark event of the coil. The coil current is controlled via the input/diagnostic pin. When the input is driven high, the IGBT is enabled to start charging the coil. The FGBS3040E1_F085 will sink a current (IIN1) into the...
 400V 300mJ N Channel Ignition IGBT
 Control Input buffering
 Input spike filter of typical 13us
 Operation from Ignition or Battery line
 Ground shift tolerance +/- 1.5V
 Programmable maximum dwell time
 Current programmable bidirectional Input/Diagnostic pin
 Collector Current limit typical 16.5A
 Soft Shutdown of Collector Current after...

Datasheet PDF File FGBS3040E1_F085 Datasheet 406.73KB

FGBS3040E1_F085   FGBS3040E1_F085   FGBS3040E1_F085  

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