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No Part Number Description Manufacture PDF
1 1N106ZY5U-Cxxx Chip Type High Capacitance Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Tokin
1N106ZY5U-Cxxx pdf
2 FB41N15D IRFB41N15D International Rectifier
International Rectifier
FB41N15D pdf
3 1N1188 (1N1188 - 1N1190R) Silicon Standard Recovery Diode America Semiconductor
America Semiconductor
1N1188 pdf
4 1N1352 Zener Diode Solid State
Solid State
1N1352 pdf
5 1N100 Gold Bonded Diode BKC
1N100 pdf
6 11N120CN HGTG11N120CN Fairchild Semiconductor
Fairchild Semiconductor
11N120CN pdf
7 1N1815 Zener Diode Solid State
Solid State
1N1815 pdf
8 1N1807 Zener Diode Solid State
Solid State
1N1807 pdf
9 1N1731 high-voltage silicon rectifier Motorola
1N1731 pdf
10 1N1315 Very low power zener diodes Motorola
1N1315 pdf

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