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AS3630 Datasheet Preview

AS3630 Datasheet

8A Supercap Flash Driver

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8A Supercap Flash Driver
General Description
Figure AS3630 – 1:
Key Benefits and Features
The AS3630 is an inductive high efficient 4MHz dual DCDC step
up converter with several sources. It supports the charging of a
Supercap, its voltage balancing and a highly efficient DCDC step
up from the Supercap to the LED and from VIN to the LED to
power the flash LED with up to 8A. The AS3630 supports the
pre-charging of the Supercap (to VIN) to reduce the startup time
for the flash without reducing the lifetime of the Supercap.
The system concept supports an immediate torch function
without first charging the Supercap.
The AS3630 includes flash timeout, over- undervoltage,
overtemperature and LED short circuit protection.
The AS3630 is controlled by an I²C interface for adjustment of
the currents and timings, set the end of charge voltage and
measure the Supercap and LED parameters through the internal
ADC. A dedicated TXMASK/TORCH input can be used for a torch
button -or- reducing the battery current if a RF PA is operated
at the same time (TX Masking). A hardware enable pin -ON can
be used as a reset input.
The AS3630 is available in a space-saving WL-CSP 5x5 balls
package measuring only 2.5x2.5x0.6mm and operates over the
-30ºC to +85ºC temperature range.
Reduce Supercap size
Dual high efficiency boost converter with soft start
allows small coils
Instantaneous Torch operation for improved user
Immediate Torch functions with charging of the
Tiny external coils
4MHz fixed frequency DCDC
System Safety
10bit ADC converter for system monitoring with
Protection functions:
Automatic Flash Timeout timer to protect the LED
Overvoltage and undervoltage Protection
LED (NTC) and device Overtemperature Protection
LED short/open circuit protection
Improved thermal performance (ground = heat sink) Flash LED(s) cathode connected to ground:
8A Supercap Flash Driver
AS3630 – 1


AS3630 Datasheet Preview

AS3630 Datasheet

8A Supercap Flash Driver

No Preview Available !

Fine control of current to fit to applications
Full control and hardware ON pin for easier system
LED currents (fully adjustable by interface)
• 8A for 33ms and 6A for 120ms (Flash), 2.9mA -
272mA for torch
• 1mA-8mA indicator current
I²C Interface with Interrupt output and ON pin
Figure AS3630 – 2:
Typical Operating Circuit
The device is ideal for Flash/Torch for mobile phones, DSC and




(/ %0



2  2

"  #  

 +'% '

 06  0

Typical Operating Circuit: Shows the main function blocks of the AS3630.
AS3630 – 2
8A Supercap Flash Driver

Part Number AS3630
Description 8A Supercap Flash Driver
Maker ams
Total Page 30 Pages
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