FDS100BA60 SanRex Corporation DIODE MODULE

SanRex Corporation
Description www..com DIODE MODULE F.R.D. FRD/FDS100BA60 UL;E76102 M FRD FDS 100BA is a high speed dual diode module designed for high power switching application. FRD FDS 100BA is suitable for high frequency application requiring low loss and high speed control. High Speed trr 100ns IF AV 100A each device Isolated mounting construction. High Surge Capability Applications Switching Power Supply, ...
Features A.C. 1 minute Recommended Value 2.5 3.9 25 40 Recommended Value 1.5 2.5 15 25 Electrical Characteristics Symbol IRRM VFM Rth j-c trr Item Repetitive Peak Reverse Current, max. Forward Voltage Drop, max. Thermal Impedance, max. Reverse Recovery Time, max. Conditions VR VRRM, Tj 125 Forward current 100A, Inst. measurement Junction to case IF 100A di...

Datasheet PDF File FDS100BA60 Datasheet 325.60KB

FDS100BA60   FDS100BA60   FDS100BA60  

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