Part Number KD2004-DG10A
Manufacturer ROHM (https://www.rohm.com/)
Title Compact medium speed thick film thermal printhead
Description KD2004-DG10A Printheads Compact high speed thick film thermal printhead (8dots / mm) KD2004-DG10A Using its expertise in LSI technology, ROHM has...
Features 1) The use of a special partial glaze and the latest heating element structure, along with new high-density driver chips that can accept big current, has allowed ROHM to achieve print speeds of 250mm/s, the fastest in its class. 2) One rank resistanc...

Datasheet PDF File KD2004-DG10A Datasheet 62.00KB

KD2004-DG10A   KD2004-DG10A   KD2004-DG10A  

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