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Cownwvwe.DrtaetarSfhoeert4CUo.conmnecting Emulator Probe to RSS Type Emulator MCU
(for PC4600 system)
The PCA4650G02 is a converter for connecting the emulation pod
(M38000TL-POD or PCA7732G04) for the PCA4600 to the RSS type
emulator MCU (M3XXXXRSS, M3XXXXERSS, and
Use the PCA4650G02 to connect the probe of emulation pod to the
PCA4650G02's connector. Insert it into an RSS type emulator MCU
and lock down by screw.
The PCA4650G02 is a standard equipment of the M38000TL-POD
emulation pod.
[Ordering Information] See Appendix H "Ordering Information".
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Part Number PCA4650G02
Description Converter
Maker Renesas Technology
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PCA4650G02 Datasheet PDF

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