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Cownwvwe.rDtaetarSfhoeret4CUo.cnomnecting 52-pin RSS Type Emulator MCU to 42-pin
1.778mm-pitch SDIP
The PCA4627 is a board for converting the pin assignment of
52-pin RSS type emulator MCU (M37273ERSS, etc.) to that of
42-pin 1.778mm-pitch SDIP (M37272XXXXSP, etc.).
Use the PCA4627 to insert the 42-pin SDIP socket on the target
and to insert RSS type emulator MCU into the PCA4627 socket.
Pin Diameter
ø 0.45mm
[Ordering Information] See Appendix H "Ordering Information".
*All brand names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Part Number PCA4627
Description Converter
Maker Renesas Technology
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PCA4627 Datasheet PDF

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