OB2263 Kexin Current Mode PWM Controller

Description P Ground I Feedback input pin. The PWM duty cycle is determined by voltage level into this pin and SENSE pin input. I Current sense input pin. Connected to MOSFET current sensing resistor node. P Chip DC power supply pin. O Totem-pole gate drive output for the power MOSFET. ■ Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta = 25℃ Parameter DC supply voltage VDD Zener Clamp Voltage FB VFB Input Voltage VSENSE Input Vo...
● Audio Noise Free Operation
● External Programmable PWM Switching Frequency
● Internal Synchronized Slope Compensation
● Low VDD Startup Current and Low Operating Current (1.4mA)
● Leading Edge Blanking on Current Sense Input
● Good Protection Coverage With Auto Self-Recovery
● Gate Output Maximum Voltage Clamp (13V)
● Overload Protection (OLP) 6...

Datasheet PDF File OB2263 Datasheet 1.13MB

OB2263   OB2263   OB2263  

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