FDS6680A Fairchild Semiconductor N-Channel MOSFET

Fairchild Semiconductor
Description This N-Channel Logic Level MOSFET is produced using Fairchild Semiconductor's advanced PowerTrench process that has been especially tailored to minimize the on-state resistance and yet maintain superior switching performance. These devices are well suited for low voltage and battery powered applications where low in-line power loss and fast switching are required. Features 12.5 A, 30 V. RDS(ON) =...
Features 12.5 A, 30 V. RDS(ON) = 0.0095 Ω @ VGS = 10 V RDS(ON) = 0.013 Ω @ VGS = 4.5 V. Fast switching speed. Low gate charge. High performance trench technology for extremely low RDS(ON). High power and current handling capability. SOT-23 SuperSOTTM-6 SuperSOTTM-8 SO-8 SOT-223 SOIC-16 D D D D 5 4 3 2 1 S FD 0A 8 66 pin 1 6 7 SO-8 S S S G 8 ...

Datasheet PDF File FDS6680A Datasheet 241.42KB

FDS6680A   FDS6680A   FDS6680A  

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