FS300R16KF4 Eupec IGBT

Description European PowerSemiconductor and Electronics Company GmbH + Co. KG Marketing Information FS 300 R 16 KF4 61,5 13 61,5 M6 www..com 190 57 171 U V W CX CU 2,8x0,5 5,5 26,4 5 3x5=15 + Cu Gu Eu Cx Gx Ex Cv Gv Ev Cy Gy Ey CY CV 3,35 CZ CW 4 deep 7 GY EY EV GV GZ EZ EW GW GX EX EU GU + Cw Gw Ew Cz Gz Ez external connection + to be done U V W - external connection to be done ...
Features voltage input capacity collector-emitter cut-off current gate leakage current gate leakage current turn-on time (resistive load) tp=1 ms tC=25°C, Transistor /transistor tp=1ms RMS, f=50 Hz, t= 1 min. iC=300A,v GE=15V, t vj=25°C iC=300A,v GE=15V, t vj=125°C iC=20mA, vCE=vGE, tvj=25°C fO=1MHz,tvj=25°C,vCE=25V,vGE=0 vCE=1600V, vGE=0V, t vj=25°C vCE=...

Datasheet PDF File FS300R16KF4 Datasheet 130.74KB

FS300R16KF4   FS300R16KF4   FS300R16KF4  

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