AD52068 ESMT 2 x 20W Stereo Class-D Audio Amplifier

Description The AD52068 is a high efficiency stereo class-D audio amplifier with adjus...
Features Single supply voltage 4.5V ~ 26V for loudspeaker driver Built-in LDO output 5V for others Loudspeaker power from 24V supply BTL Mode: 20W/CH into 8Ω @<10% THD+N PBTL Mode: 40W/CH into 4Ω @<10% THD+N Loudspeaker power from 12V supply BTL Mode: 9W/CH into 8Ω @10% THD+N 87% efficient Class-D operation eliminates need for heat sink Differential inputs ...

Datasheet PDF File AD52068 Datasheet 675.05KB

AD52068   AD52068   AD52068  

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