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Cirrus Logic

CS5317 Datasheet Preview

CS5317 Datasheet

Oversampling A/D Converter

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16-Bit, 20 kHz Oversampling A/D Converter
l Complete Voiceband DSP Front-End
- 16-Bit A/D Converter
- Internal Track & Hold Amplifier
- On-Chip Voltage Reference
- Linear-Phase Digital Filter
l On-Chip PLL for Simplified Output Phase
Locking in Modem Applications
l 84 dB Dynamic Range
l 80 dB Total Harmonic Distortion
l Output Word Rates up to 20 kHz
l DSP-Compatible Serial Interface
l Low Power Dissipation: 220 mW
The CS5317 is an ideal analog front-end for voiceband
signal processing applications such as high-perfor-
mance modems, passive sonar, and voice recognition
systems. It includes a 16-bit A/D converter with an inter-
nal track & hold amplifier, a voltage reference, and a
linear-phase digital filter.
An on-chip phase-lock loop (PLL) circuit simplifies the
CS5317’s use in applications where the output word rate
must be locked to an external sampling signal.
The CS5317 uses delta-sigma modulation to achieve
16-bit output word rates up to 20 kHz. The delta-sigma
technique utilizes oversampling followed by a digital fil-
tering and decimation process. The combination of
oversampling and digital filtering greatly eases antialias
requirements. Thus, the CS5317 offers 84 dB dynamic
range and 80 dB THD and signal bandwidths up to
10 kHz at a fraction of the cost of hybrid and discrete
The CS5317’s advanced CMOS construction provides
low power consumption of 220 mW and the inherent re-
liability of monolithic devices.
See page 20.



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Cirrus Logic, Inc.
Crystal Semiconductor Products Division
P.O. Box 17847, Austin, Texas 78760
(512) 445 7222 FAX: (512) 445 7581
Copyright © Cirrus Logic, Inc. 1997
(All Rights Reserved)
MAR ‘95

Cirrus Logic

CS5317 Datasheet Preview

CS5317 Datasheet

Oversampling A/D Converter

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ANALOG CHARACTERISTICS (TA = TMIN - TMAX; VA+, VD+ = 5V ±10%; VA-, VD- = -5V ±10%;
CLKIN = 4.9152 MHz in CLKOR mode; 1kHz Input Sinewave; with 1.2 k, .01 µF antialiasing filter.)
Min Typ Max Units
Specified Temperature Range
0 to 70
Dynamic Performance
16 -
- Bits
Dynamic Rnage
(Note 1)
- dB
Total Harmonic Distortion
72 80
- dB
Signal to Intermodulation Distorition
dc Accuracy
- 84 - dB
Differential Nonlinearity
Positive Full-Scale Error
Positive Full-Scale Drift
- mV
- µV/°C
Bipolar Offset Error
Bipolar Offset Drift
Filter Characteristics
- ±10 - mV
- ±50 - µV/°C
Absolute Group Delay
Passband Frequency
(Note 3)
(Note 4)
- µs
- kHz
Input Characteristics
AC Input Impedance
- 80 - k
Analog Input Full Scale Signal Level
Power Supplies
Power Dissipation
220 300 mW
1. Measured over the full 0 to 9.6kHz band with a -20dB input and extrapolated to full-scale. Since this
includes energy in the stopband above 5kHz, additional post-filtering at the CS5317’s output can
typically achieve 88dB dynamic range by improving rejection above 5kHz. This can be increased to
90dB by bandlimiting the output to 2.5kHz.
2. No missing codes is guaranteed by design.
3. Group delay is constant with respect to input analog frequency; that is, the digital FIR filter has
linear phase. Group delay is determined by the formula Dgrp = 384/CLKIN in CLKOR mode, or
192/CLKOUT in any mode.
4. The digital filter’s frequency response scales with the master clock. Its -3dB point is determined by
f-3dB = CLKIN/977.3 in CLKOR mode, or CLKOUT/488.65 in any mode.
5. All outputs unloaded. All inputs CMOS levels.
* Refer to the Parameter Definitions section after the Pin Description section.
2 DS27F4

Part Number CS5317
Description Oversampling A/D Converter
Maker Cirrus Logic
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CS5317 Datasheet PDF

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