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Anloy Technologies

ATLM343 Datasheet Preview

ATLM343 Datasheet

High Voltage Operational Amplifier

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Anloy Technologies
Die Manufacturers Available
» National Semiconductor
High Voltage
Operational Amplifier
Device Pin Outs
Product Features
» Operating Temperature range of +125°C to -55°C
» Wide supply voltage range: ±4.0V to ±40V
» Large output voltage swing: ±37V
» Wide input common-mode range: ±38V
» Input overvoltage protection: Full ±40V
» Low input bias current: 8.0 nA
» Low input offset current: 1.0 nA
» High slew rate : 2.5V/μs
» High voltage gain—virtually independent of resistive
loading, temperature, and supply voltage: 100k min
» Internally compensated for unity gain
» Output short circuit protection
» Pin compatible with general purpose op amps
TO-99 - H Suffix
General Description
The ATLM143 is a general purpose high voltage operational amplifier featuring operation to ±40V, complete input overvoltage
protection up to ±40V and input currents comparable to those of other super-b op amps. Increased slew rate, together with higher
common-mode and supply rejection, insure improved performance at high supply voltages. Operating characteristics, in particular
supply current, slew rate and gain, are virtually independent of supply voltage and temperature. Furthermore, gain is unaffected by
output loading at high supply voltages due to thermal symmetry on the die. The ATLM143 is pin compatible with general purpose op
amps and has offset null capability. Application areas include those of general purpose op amps, but can be extended to higher
voltages and higher output power when externally boosted. For example, when used in audio power applications, the ATLM143
provides a power bandwidth that covers the entire audio spectrum. In addition, the ATLM143 can be reliably operated in environments
with large overvoltage spikes on the power supplies, where other internally-compensated op amps would suffer catastrophic failure.
The ATLM343 is similar to the ATLM143 for applications in less severe supply voltage and temperature environments. For further
electrical specifications please contact Anloy Technologies or reference the original die manufacturers datasheet.
1924 American Dr, Lago Vista TX 78645 Ph (512) 388-2313 Fax (512) 388-2781

Part Number ATLM343
Description High Voltage Operational Amplifier
Maker Anloy Technologies
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ATLM343 Datasheet PDF

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Anloy Technologies

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