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6 ba664FP Motor driver for CD-ROM

BA6664FP/BA6664FM CD-ROM BA6664FP/BA6664FM 3 CD-ROM 1 IC 3 BA6664FP / BA6664FM ! CD-ROM CD-R/RW DVD ! 1 3 2 3 4 FG FG 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 DSP3.3V ! Ta=25°C ! Ta=25°C BA6664FP/BA6664FM ! RNF 28
ba664FP pdf
5 ba6664FM 1ch Spindle Motor Driver ICs

System Motor Driver ICs for CD/DVD Players 1ch Spindle Motor Driver ICs BA6859AFP-Y,BA6664FM,BD6671FM No.10011EAT03 ●Description ROHM’s spindle motor drivers incorporate the 3-phase full-wave ps
ba6664FM pdf
4 ba6665FM Motor driver for CD-ROMs

BA6665FM Optical disc ICs Motor driver for CD-ROMs BA6665FM The BA6665FM is a CD-ROM spindle motor driver supporting reverse-rotation preventing circuit. It incorporates power save circuit, thermal s
ba6665FM pdf
3 ba6668FM 3-Phase Motor Driver For CD-ROM/R-RW/DVD-ROM/RAM

00W003A 3-Phase Motor Driver For CD-ROM/R-RW,DVD-ROM/RAM BA6668FM Description Dim ension (Uni ts:m m) The BA6668FM is a motor driver developed for CD-R RW spindle motors. This IC has a junction t
ba6668FM pdf
2 ba6680FS Three-phase motor pre-driver for LBP

Three-phase motor pre-driver for LBP BA6680FS Description BA6680FS is a three-phase motor pre-driver. PWM driving system is adopted in this IC as well as incorporation of a booster to drive N-channel
ba6680FS pdf
1 ba668A 12-Point Fluorescent Display Tube VU Scale Peak Hold Meter Driver

ba668A pdf


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