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6 ba664FP Motor driver for CD-ROM

BA6664FP/BA6664FM CD-ROM BA6664FP/BA6664FM 3 CD-ROM 1 IC 3 BA6664FP / BA6664FM ! CD-ROM CD-R/RW DVD ! 1 3 2 3 4 FG FG 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 DSP3.3V ! Ta=25°C ! Ta=25°C BA6664FP/BA6664FM ! RNF 28
ba664FP pdf
5 ba6664FM 3-Phase Motor Driver

Appendix Notes No technical content pages of this document may be reproduced in any form or transmitted by any means without prior permission of ROHM CO.,LTD. The contents descri
ba6664FM pdf
4 ba6665FM Motor driver for CD-ROMs

BA6665FM Optical disc ICs Motor driver for CD-ROMs BA6665FM The BA6665FM is a CD-ROM spindle motor driver supporting reverse-rotation preventing circuit. It incorporates power save circuit, thermal s
ba6665FM pdf
3 ba6668FM 3-Phase Motor Driver For CD-ROM/R-RW/DVD-ROM/RAM

00W003A 3-Phase Motor Driver For CD-ROM/R-RW,DVD-ROM/RAM BA6668FM Description Dim ension (Uni ts:m m) The BA6668FM is a motor driver developed for CD-R RW spindle motors. This IC has a junction t
ba6668FM pdf
2 ba6680FS Three-phase motor pre-driver for LBP

Three-phase motor pre-driver for LBP BA6680FS Description BA6680FS is a three-phase motor pre-driver. PWM driving system is adopted in this IC as well as incorporation of a booster to drive N-channel
ba6680FS pdf
1 ba668A 12-Point Fluorescent Display Tube VU Scale Peak Hold Meter Driver

ba668A pdf


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