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OB2353 Matched Datasheet

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2 OB2353 Low Power Off Line SMPS Switcher

OB2353 Low Power Off Line SMPS Switcher Freq Shuffling GENERAL DESCRIPTION OB2353 combines a dedicated current mode PWM controller with integrated high voltage power MOSFET .It is optimized for high p
On-Bright Electronics
On-Bright Electronics
OB2353 pdf
1 OB2353 Built-in high voltage MOSFET current-mode PWM controller series

TIGER ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD 内 置 高 压 MOSFET的 电 流 模 式 PWM控 制 器 系 列 / / / 概述: OB2353 / / / 是用于开关电源的 内 置 高 压 MOSF E T 电 流 模 式 PW M 控 制
OB2353 pdf


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