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HA1361 Matched Datasheet

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No Part Number Description Manufacture PDF
3 HA1361 Amplifier System

Hitachi Semiconductor
Hitachi Semiconductor
HA1361 pdf
2 HA13614 Combo (Spindle & VCM) Driver

HA13614FH Combo (Spindle & VCM) Driver ADE-207-246D (Z) Preliminary 5th Edition October 1998 Description This COMBO driver for HDD application consists of sensorless spindle driver and BTL type VCM d
Hitachi Semiconductor
Hitachi Semiconductor
HA13614 pdf
1 HA13614FH Combo (Spindle & VCM) Driver

HA13705C IPIC (Intelligent Power IC) High Side Solenoid Driver ADE-207-207 (Z) 1st Edition July 1996 Description The HA13705C is high side power driver IC with protectors and diagnostic function. The
Hitachi Semiconductor
Hitachi Semiconductor
HA13614FH pdf


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