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General Information
The Teccor SIDACtor is a solid state transient voltage protector designed for use in telephony, data, and some
AC applications.
The SIDACtor is a bidirectional device that is normally connected to the high side of a circuit and a common. The
SIDACtor remains in a high off-state impedance (leakage current <5µA) until it senses a voltage exceeding its
voltage breakover (VBO). Upon sensing an overvoltage, the SIDACtor will clamp the voltage and transition through
a positive or negative zener region until enough current is present to allow the device to crowbar into a low
impedance state. The typical voltage drop across the device during full conduction is typically less than 5 volts.
The SIDACtor will return to its high impedance state when the current is interrupted or falls below the minimum
holding current of the device.
www.DataSheet4U.comSIDACtor performance does not degrade with time, bias, number of operations or surges within the devices Peak
Pulse Current rating. It should be noted that the SIDACtor will fail short if the device is subjected to a surge that
exceeds its rated Peak Pulse Current (IPP) or Peak One Cycle Surge Current (ITSM).
SIDACtors are available in breakdown voltages ranging from 30 to 540 volts and Peak Pulse Current ratings up
to 500 amps (2x10µS). Tape-and-reel packaging is available for the TO-92 and TO-220 packages along with
embossed carrier reel packing for the DO-214AA.
Please consult the factory for more information.
• Bidirectional Transient Voltage Protection
• Breakover Voltages from 27 - 540 Volts
• Patented Multi chip packages
• Robust Surge Current Capabilities
• ION Implant Technology
• Clamping speeds of nanoseconds
• Electrically Isolated Package
• Glass-passivated Junctions
2 Teccor Electronics, Inc.

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P0640EA70 pdf
Electrical Parameter Terminology
VBO – Breakover Voltage
VBO (MIN) — Minimum voltage point at which the SIDACtor may begin to conduct
VBO (MAX) — Maximum voltage required to begin conduction
IBO – Breakover Current
Current through the SIDACtor at the breakover point (VBO)
IPP – Peak Pulse Current
Maximum rated impulse current
ITSM – Peak One Cycle Surge Current
www.DataSheet4U.coSmIDACtor’s maximum one cycle AC surge current rating
IT – On-state Current
Continuous on-state current rating of the SIDACtor
VT – On-state Voltage
Voltage drop across the device at rated on-state current
IH – Holding Current
Minimum current required to maintain the SIDACtor in the on state
CO – Off-state Capacitance
SIDACtors typical off-state capacitance
di/dt – Critical Rate-of-rise On-state Current
Maximum rated rate-of-rise current
VF – Forward Voltage
Maximum forward voltage across the P0641SA SIDACtor while in the on state
(See Figure 3C on page 13.)
Teccor Electronics, Inc.

Part Number P0640EA70
Description Transistor
Maker Sidac - Sidac
Total Page 13 Pages
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P0640EA70 pdf
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P0640EA70 pdf
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