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MPEG 2 Decoder

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ODM8211P pdf
An MPEG 2 Decoder Multichip Module for Digital TV and Multimedia
Cyrus Ghahremani, Dr. Arzu Simsek, Prof. Herbert Reichl
Fraunhofer Institut für Zuverlässigkeit und Mikrointegration
Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25
13355 Berlin
Tel.: ++49 / 30 / 464 03 - 145
Fax: ++49 / 30 / 464 03 - 111
The digitization of audiovisual and written information offers the possibility of joining
them to one package and transmitting them via the same channel. Now these different
kinds of information can be processed on computers and any other common hardware.
Furthermore the user can interact with his system and manipulate the information
instead of only consuming it. This conveniance means a high datarate to be transmitted
and processed. So basing on the standard for teleconferencing H.261 and JPEG (Joint
Photographic Experts Group) for images the Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG)
established the standards MPEG 1 and MPEG 2. Especially MPEG 2 addresses different
kinds of applications which can be used in portable and stationary systems for
computers or in consumer products. As portability and more functionality are the main
selling features the systems have to be miniaturized. To meet these demands Multichip
Modules (MCM) are a suitable means of designing systems of small size with high
functionality. In this paper an MCM for MPEG 2 decoding is presented.
Possible Applications
In 1994 MPEG published the final version of MPEG 2 „Information Technology - Generic
coding of moving pictures and associated audio information; International standard /
recommendation ISO / IEC 13818“. This standard covers all aspects of digital coding and
transmission of audiovisual information and supports for different applications such as
DVB (Digital Video Broadcast), DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast), DSS (Digital Satellite
Services), DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) or Videoconferencing. Thus basing on the
algorithms for data reduction described in the MPEG 2 standard subsystems for
computers portable or stationary disc players codecs for handycams and for receivers for
set-top-boxes and TV-sets can be designed. As the MPEG standards only describe the
decoding algorithm and the bitstream organization parameters and features such as
aspect ratio simulcasting audio formats and CA (Conditional Access) have to be
regarded individually for the particular application. In Figure 1 the application areas for
MPEG 2 Decoder MCM are shown.

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ODM8211P pdf
PC plug-in
for Notebooks
Codec MCM
Figure 1: Applications with an MPEG 2 Decoder MCM
MPEG 2 Decoder MCM
An MPEG 2 Decoder MCM suitable for PC-Cards or portable devices can consist of the
decoder chip, the memory (Figure 2) and if necessary a decryption engine for
conditional access.
MPEG 2 Decoder MCM
16 MBit
MPEG Data in
A/V Decoder
A/V Data out
Figure 2: MPEG 2 Decoder MCM
An area comparison between discrete SMT devices and bare dice mounted on a
substrate shows that the size shrinks to a quarter. So the whole decoder systems can be
placed into a package as large as the package of the discrete MPEG decoder chip as
shown in Table 1 and Figure 3.

Part Number ODM8211P
Description MPEG 2 Decoder
Maker ETC - ETC
Total Page 4 Pages
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ODM8211P pdf
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ODM8211P pdf
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