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Direct Rambus DRAM RIMM Module 192M-BYTE 96M-WORD x 16-BIT

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MC-4R192CPE6C pdf
Direct RambusTM DRAM RIMMTM Module
192M-BYTE (96M-WORD x 16-BIT)
The Direct Rambus RIMM module is a general-purpose high-performance memory module subsystem suitable for
use in a broad range of applications including computer memory, personal computers, workstations, and other
applications where high bandwidth and low latency are required.
MC-4R192CPE6C modules consists of twelve 128M Direct Rambus DRAM (Direct RDRAM™) devices
(µPD488448). These are extremely high-speed CMOS DRAMs organized as 8M words by 16 bits. The use of
Rambus Signaling Level (RSL) technology permits 600MHz, 711MHz or 800MHz transfer rates while using
conventional system and board design technologies.
Direct RDRAM devices are capable of sustained data transfers at 1.25 ns per two bytes (10 ns per sixteen bytes).
The architecture of the Direct RDRAM enables the highest sustained bandwidth for multiple, simultaneous,
randomly addressed memory transactions. The separate control and data buses with independent row and column
control yield over 95 % bus efficiency. The Direct RDRAM's 32 banks support up to four simultaneous transactions
per device.
184 edge connector pads with 1mm pad spacing
192 MB Direct RDRAM storage
Each RDRAM® has 32 banks, for 384 banks total on module
Gold plated contacts
RDRAMs use Chip Scale Package (CSP)
Serial Presence Detect support
Operates from a 2.5 V supply
Low power and powerdown self refresh modes
Separate Row and Column buses for higher efficiency
Over Drive Factor (ODF) support
The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Before using this document, please
confirm that this is the latest version.
Not all devices/types available in every country. Please check with local NEC representative for
availability and additional information.
Document No. M14808EJ2V0DS00 (2nd edition)
Date Published August 2000 NS CP (K)
Printed in Japan
The mark 5 shows major revised points.

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MC-4R192CPE6C pdf
Order information
Part number
Organization I/O Freq. RAS access time
Mounted devices
MC-4R192CPE6C - 845
MC-4R192CPE6C - 745
MC-4R192CPE6C - 653
96M x 16
45 184 edge connector pads RIMM 12 pieces of
45 with heat spreader
53 Edge connector : Gold plated FBGA (µBGA®) package
2 Preliminary Data Sheet M14808EJ2V0DS00

Part Number MC-4R192CPE6C
Description Direct Rambus DRAM RIMM Module 192M-BYTE 96M-WORD x 16-BIT
Maker NEC - NEC
Total Page 16 Pages
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MC-4R192CPE6C pdf
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MC-4R192CPE6C pdf
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MC-4R192CPE6C Direct Rambus DRAM RIMM Module 192M-BYTE 96M-WORD x 16-BIT MC-4R192CPE6C

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