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Mercury TM1200 PCB-Mount Analog Encoders

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M1200 pdf
Mercury TM1200 PCB-Mount Analog Encoders
For Customer Interpolation- Resolution to 0.078μm
Reflective Linear and Rotary Encoders
Sensor the
size of a
Determined by Customer
Linear: 20μm to 0.078μm
Rotary: 2,500 to 4.2M CPR
Linear: ± 1μm available
± 3μm to ± 5μm standard
Rotary: Up to ± 2.1 arc-sec
Analog Sine/Cosine and
Index Window
System Resolution
The Mercury 1200 encoder is an analog output system. Designed for PC board mounting, it is available with linear or rotary scales.
Mercury’s space-saving, integrated configuration gives OEM system designers a breakthrough in performance.
Imagine what you can do with this!
OEMs can now use encoders for closed loop control where
it was previously not possible or cost effective. Using your
interpolation electronics, engineers can achieve dramatic
improvements in system speed, throughput, and reliability,
while reducing cost, size and weight. The Mercury 1200 series
kit encoders make it all possible. The analog output sensors
can mount directly on your printed circuit board within an EMI
shielded module. The low Z height of the sensor, only 5.6mm,
opens up exciting design possibilities.
OEMs that want to incorporate our interpolation electronics
can contact MicroE for chip set or daughterboard solutions.
Standard Features
• Small PCB mount sensor
• Sensor is 5.6mm (H) x 11.9mm (W) x 14.9mm (L) and weighs 1.2g
• Fundamental resolution: Linear 20µm; Rotary 2,500 - 16,384 CPR
Interpolated linear resolution up to 0.078µm;
Rotary resolution 2,500 CPR to 4.2M CPR
• Analog output: sine/cosine and Index window
• Bi-directional Index window signal
• Index mark at the center or end of the glass scale (linear)
Table of Contents
System & Sensor pg . 2
Scales pg . 4 - 5
Ordering Information pg. 5
Optional features
• Glass scale length or diameter:
Linear lengths from 5mm to 2m
Rotary diameters from 12mm to 108mm

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M1200 pdf
Broader Alignment Tolerances,
Increased Standoff Clearance, Smallest Sensor and More
Why Mercury Encoders Make It Easier To Design High Performance Into Your Equipment
Theta Z Alignment Tolerance
± 2° ± 0.5°
± 0.006°
Brand Y
Brand X
Eliminate the Frustration of Touchy
Encoder Alignment
Mercury Solves this Problem for Good
Fussy alignment is no longer a concern. With Mercury’s
patented PurePrecisionoptics, advanced SmartPrecision
electronics and LED alignment indicators, you can push the
sensor against your reference surface, tighten the screws and
you’re finished. Try that with brand X or Y.
This performance is possible thanks to relaxed alignment
tolerances, particularly in the theta Z axis. Mercury offers a
± 2° sweet spot– that’s a 300% improvement over the best
competitive encoder. And that will result in dramatic savings
in manufacturing costs.
No other commercially available encoder is easier to align,
easier to use, or easier to integrate into your designs.
Alignment Tolerance Comparison**
Brand X
Z Standoff
± 0.15mm
± 0.1mm
± 0.20mm for linear
± 0.1mm
± 0.10mm for rotary >_19mm dia.
theta X
± 1.0°
theta Y
± 2.0°
± 0.1°
theta Z
± 2.0°
± 0.006°
*Measured at a constant temperature for one axis at a time with all other axes at their ideal positions.
**Based on published specifications
Brand Y
± 0.1mm
± 1.0°
± 1.0°
± 0.5°
Mercury vs. Best Competitor
Mercury is 50% better
Mercury is 100% better
Mercury is 100% better
Mercury is 300% better
Mercury Can Reduce System Size and Cost
Mercury’s sensor height is 44% shorter than competitive encoders,
making it easy to fit into your design. This reduction can also cut total
system weight and cost by allowing the use of smaller motors and
stages. Safe system operation is also enhanced thanks to Mercury’s
generous standoff clearance– 200% greater than other encoders.
And it’s standoff tolerance is 50% greater than the best alternative.
This significantly relaxes mechanical system tolerances,
while reducing system costs.
Mechanical Dimension Comparison**
Mercury Brand X Brand Y
Sensor Z height 8.4mm 23mm 15mm
Standoff clearance 2.4mm 0.5mm 0.8mm
Standoff tolerance ± 0.15mm ± 0.1mm ± 0.1mm
System height 11.7mm 28.5mm 15.8mm
**Based on published specifications
Mercury vs.
Best Competitor
44% better
200% better
50% better
26% better
Standoff Clearance
Brand Y
± 0.15mm
Brand X
± 0.1mm
± 0.1mm
Note: Mecury 1200 is even smaller at 5.6mm sensor height
* Dimensions shown illustrate encoder system standoff clearance; see Mercury
Encoder Interface Drawings for correct design reference surfaces.
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Part Number M1200
Description Mercury TM1200 PCB-Mount Analog Encoders
Maker GSI Group - GSI Group
Total Page 5 Pages
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M1200 pdf
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M1200 pdf
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