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TCPA and Palladium

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6.857 Computer and Network Security
October 17, 2002
Lecture Notes 12 : TCPA and Palladium
Lecturer: Pato/LaMacchia Scribe: Barrows/DeNeui/Nigam/Chen/Robson/Saunders/Walsh
Joe Pato of Hewlett-Packard presented the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA). Brian
LaMacchia of Microsoft presented Palladium. Barrows, DeNeui, and Nigam scribed the notes on
TCPA. Chen, Robson, Saunders, and Walsh scribed the notes on Palladium. Slides from both
speakers are available on the 6.857 Web site.
Why Trusted Computing Platforms
The Trusted Computing Platform Alliance
TCPA Concepts
TCPA Feature Set
Benefits of TCPA
1 Why Trusted Computing Platforms
The overall goals of a trusted computing platform are to increase business and customer confidence
with the security of a platform, to reduce business risks associated with insecurely storing data, and
additionally to protect end-user private data.
A trusted computing platform should address questions such as: Can I trust a target machine to
behave in an expected manner (maybe based on past performance)? Can I have confidence in
interacting with the platform? Can I trust you (the user) to be what you say you are?
A Trusted Computing Platform should:
Recognize that a platform has known properties
Identify that a system will behave as expected
Enable a user to have more confidence in the behavior of the platform in front of them
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Reduce business risks by enabling trust in the behavior of critical information systems
Protect end user private data and information by enabling trust in end systems (unknown if
current technology trajectory will lead to this result)
2 The Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA)
Doomsayers claim the TCPA is the conspiracy to prevent artistry, anonymity, or assembly. Others
wonder if TCPA is the conspiracy in prelude to the apocalypse, and wonder if this is the end of free
computing. Some skeptics question how the TCPA will know the end has been reached and wonder
if we are getting on the slippery slope to ’Big Brother’ baked into a computer. Joe Pato said that
his lecture will demonstrate that TCPA is none of these.
The TCPA is an industry group started in 1998. It was founded by Compaq, HP, IBM, Intel, and
Microsoft. Currently the group has 180 members from the hardware, software, communications,
and security technology industries. The group is focused on defining and advancing the concept
of trusted computing. Competition in the security space and the need for cheap cryptography
prompted creation of this group. The companies also needed to bypass crypto export regulations,
and as a result wanted to work towards this goal with other players in the field.
The TCPA Charter
Provide a ubiquitous and widely adopted means to address trustworthiness of computing plat-
Publish an open specification for public review
Define a technology specification that can be applied to any type of computing platform
3 TCPA Concepts
Definition: A platform can be trusted if it behaves in the expected manner for the intended purpose.
TCPA Technology provides the mechanisms for:
Platform authentication and attestation — is this platform actually a TCPA platform?
Platform integrity reporting — has this TCPA platform been modified in any fashion?
Protected storage — enabling secure stable storage in the presence of adversaries, architecture
enables root of trust that allows third parties to rely on this trust

Description TCPA and Palladium
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