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(IBM42B10SNNAA10 / IBM42B12SNNAA10) Gigabit Ethernet / Fiber Channel 1x9 Transceiver

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IBM42B10SNNAA10 pdf
Gigabit Ethernet/Fibre Channel 1X9 Transceiver
• International Class 1 laser safety certified
• 1.0625 Gb/s or 1.25 Gb/s data rates
• (ANSI) Fibre Channel compliant [1]
• (IEEE 802.3) Gigabit Ethernet compliant [3]
• Short wavelength (SW) (distance 550 m)
• Gigabit electrical serial interface
• Serial electrical light conversion
• LVTTL Signal-Detect output
• AC coupling of PECL signals
• Compatible with +3.3 V or +5 V power supplies
• Withstands normal wave solder and aqueous
spray cleaning
• UL and CSA approved
• Low bit error rate (< 10-12)
• High reliability: AFR < 0.01%/khr@50°C,100 FIT
• Gigabit Fibre Channel
• Gigabit Ethernet
• Client/Server environments
• Distributed multi-processing
• Fault tolerant applications
• Visualization, real-time video, collaboration
• Channel extenders, data storage, archiving
• Data acquisition
The 1.0625/1.25 Gb/s 1X9 Transceiver (1X9-
1063/1250-SW) is an integrated fiber optic trans-
ceiver that provides a high-speed serial link at a sig-
naling rate up to 1.25 Gb/s. The 1X9-1063-SW
conforms to the American National Standards Insti-
tute’s (ANSI) Fibre Channel, FC-PI specification for
short wavelength operation (100-M5-SN-I and 100-
M6-SN-I). The 1X9-1250-SW conforms to IEEE
802.3z 1000Base-SX standard [3].
The 1X9-1063/1250-SW is ideally suited for Gigabit
Ethernet, and Fibre Channel applications which
include point to point links as well as Fibre Channel
Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL). It can also be used for
other serial applications where high data rates are
The1X9-1063/1250-SW uses a short wavelength
(850nm) VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting
Laser) source. This enables low cost data transmis-
sion over optical fibers at distances up to 500 m at
1.0625 Gb/s and 550 m at 1.25 Gb/s. A 50/125 µm
multimode optical fiber, terminated with an industry
standard SC connector, is the preferred medium. (A
62.5/125 µm multimode fiber can be substituted with
shorter maximum link distances.)
Encoded (8B/10B) [4], [5], gigabit serial differential
PECL signals traverse a PTH connector interfacing
the 1X9-1063/1250-SW to the host card. The incom-
ing serial data modulates the laser and is sent out
over the outgoing fiber of a duplex cable.
Incoming modulated light is detected by a photore-
ceiver mounted in the SC receptacle. The optical
signal is converted to an electrical signal, amplified
and delivered to the host card. This module is
designed to work with industry standard “10b” Seri-
alizer/Deserializer modules.
The 1X9-1063/1250-SW is a Class 1 laser safe
product. The optical power levels under normal
operation are at eye safe levels, and optical fiber
can be connected and disconnected without shut-
ting off the laser transmitter.
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IBM42B10SNNAA10 pdf
Gigabit Ethernet/Fibre Channel 1X9 Transceiver
Package Outline
Pin Assignments
Pin Name
Rx Ground
Rx_DAT +
Rx_DAT -
Rx Power
Tx Power
Tx_DAT -
Tx_DAT +
Tx Ground
Signal Out
Signal Out
Status Out
Signal In
Signal In
Pin #
Ordering Information
Product Descriptor
IMD Part Number
850 nm
850 nm
Maximum Data Rate
1.0625 Gb/s
1.25 Gb/s
Laser Safety Compliance Requirements
The 1X9-1063/1250-SW is designed and certified as
a Class 1 laser product. If the power supply voltage
exceeds 6.0 volts, the transceiver may no longer
remain a Class 1 product. The system using the
1X9-1063/1250-SW must provide power supply
over-voltage protection that guarantees the supply
does not exceed 6.0 volts under all conditions.
Caution: Operating the power supply above 6.0V or
otherwise operating the 1X9-1063/1250-SW in a
manner inconsistent with its design and function
may result in hazardous radiation exposure, and
may be considered an act of modifying or new man-
ufacturing of a laser product under US regulations
contained in 21CFR1010 and 21CFR1040, or CEN-
ELEC regulations contained in EN 60825. The per-
son(s) performing such an act is required by law to
recertify and reidentify the product in accordance
with the provisions of 21CFR1010 and 21CFR1040
for distribution within the United States, and in
accordance with provisions of CENELEC EN 60825
(or successive regulations) for distribution within the
CENELEC countries or countries using the IEC 825
ESD Notice
It is advised that normal static precautions be taken
in the handling and assembly of the 1X9-1063/1250-
SW to prevent damage and/or degradation which
may be introduced by electrostatic discharge.
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Part Number IBM42B10SNNAA10
Description (IBM42B10SNNAA10 / IBM42B12SNNAA10) Gigabit Ethernet / Fiber Channel 1x9 Transceiver
Maker IBM Microelectronics - IBM Microelectronics
Total Page 15 Pages
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IBM42B10SNNAA10 (IBM42B10SNNAA10 / IBM42B12SNNAA10) Gigabit Ethernet / Fiber Channel 1x9 Transceiver IBM42B10SNNAA10
IBM Microelectronics

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