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IBM Microelectronics
IBM Microelectronics


Digital Set-Top Box Integrated Controllers

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IBM39STB021x pdf
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STB0210x Digital Set-Top Box Integrated Controllers
• IBM Set-Top Box technology
• Four major subsystems integrated with IBM on-
chip CoreConnectstructure.
• Maximum MIPS for OS and application tasks
• Simplified driver and software development
• Scalable, flexible, and extendible
• 54 MHz/57 MIPS
• 3.3 V and 2.5 V power supplies
• IBM CMOS SA-12E process(0.25 µm)
• 352-pin PBGA package
MPEG-2 Digital Audio/Video Subsystem
• MPEG-2 Video Decoder
• MPEG-2 Audio Decoder
• MPEG-2 Transport/DVB Descrambler
• Macrovision Copy Protection on selected parts
• Display Controller
• Digital Encoder (DENC) with six outputs
• Anti-Flicker Filter
PowerPC 401Host Processor: PPC401B3 CPU
• 16KB Instruction, 8KB Data caches
• Universal Interrupt Controller
Memory Subsystem
• DMA Controller
• Cross-Bar Switch
• External Bus Interface Unit (EBIU)
• IDE Interface
• One SDRAM Controller
Peripheral Subsystem
• General Purpose Timers (GPTs)
• Pulse Width Modulators
• Smart Card controller
• I2C Interface
• 16550 Serial Communications Port
• Infrared Serial Communications Port
• General Purpose Inputs/Outputs
• Serial Controller Port
• Modem Serial Interface/Digital Audio Input
IBM STB0210x Digital Set-Top Box Integrated Con-
troller family are highly integrated silicon devices
specifically developed for digital set-top box (STB)
applications using industry-leading IBM CMOS SA-
12E (0.25 µm) process technology.
The STB0210x is part of the second generation of
IBM products for digital STB applications. PowerPC
processing and peripheral I/O architecture provide a
high level of performance and functionality when
used in audio and video subsystems. The resulting
STB technology is full-functioned and easy to use.
The STB0210x minimizes host processor interven-
tion to maximize MIPS for operating system and
application tasks. Most of the features required in
the back end of typical midrange and high-end
STBs are integrated. Driver and software develop-
ment is facilitated while preserving scaleability, flex-
ibility, and extendibility.
Architecturally, the devices consist of four sub-
systems interconnected and tuned using CoreCon-
nect, the IBM multiple-bus, on-chip interconnect
1. PowerPC host processor
2. Digital audio/video
3. Memory interface
4. Peripheral
These high performance subsystems are suited for
interactive STBs with demanding software require-
March 27, 2000
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IBM39STB021x pdf
STB0210x Digital Set-Top Box Integrated Controllers
Ordering Information
Part Number
Performance (est.)
Clock Speed
54 MHz
Copy Protection
1. These parts support Macrovision Copy Protection and require that a license be in effect between the purchaser and Macrovision
Corporation. Please see “Macrovision Licensing” on page 3.
Conventions and Notation
Throughout this document, standard IBM notation is used, meaning that bits and bytes are numbered in
ascending order from left to right. Thus, for a 4-byte word, bit 0 is the most significant bit and bit 31 is the least
significant bit.
Overbars, e.g. TxEnb, designate signals that are active low.
Numeric notation is as follows:
Hexadecimal values are in single quotes and preceded by "x" or "X." For example: x’0B00’.
Binary values are spelled out (zero and one) or appear in single quotes and preceded by a "b."
For example: b‘10101’.
Settings of a bit or field are binary numbers but are often displayed in tabular form without quotes or the pre-
ceding "b."
For example:
00 : 30 frames per second
01 : 15 frames per second
11 : 10 frames per second
Ordering Information
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March 27, 2000

Part Number IBM39STB021x
Description Digital Set-Top Box Integrated Controllers
Maker IBM Microelectronics - IBM Microelectronics
Total Page 30 Pages
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IBM39STB021x pdf
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IBM39STB021x pdf
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IBM39STB021x Digital Set-Top Box Integrated Controllers IBM39STB021x
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