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8-MBIT (1-MBIT x 8) FlashFile MEMORY

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E28F008SA pdf
8-MBIT (1-MBIT x 8) FlashFileTM MEMORY
Extended Temperature Specifications Included
Y High-Density Symmetrically-Blocked
Sixteen 64-Kbyte Blocks
Y Extended Cycling Capability
100 000 Block Erase Cycles
1 6 Million Block Erase
Cycles per Chip
Y Automated Byte Write and Block Erase
Command User Interface
Status Register
Y System Performance Enhancements
RY BY Status Output
Erase Suspend Capability
Y Deep Power-Down Mode
0 20 mA ICC Typical
Y Very High-Performance Read
85 ns Maximum Access Time
Y SRAM-Compatible Write Interface
Y Hardware Data Protection Feature
Erase Write Lockout during Power
Y Industry Standard Packaging
40-Lead TSOP 44-Lead PSOP
Y ETOX III Nonvolatile Flash Technology
12V Byte Write Block Erase
Intel’s 28F008SA 8-Mbit FlashFileTM Memory is the highest density nonvolatile read write solution for sol-
id-state storage The 28F008SA’s extended cycling symmetrically blocked architecture fast access time
write automation and low power consumption provide a more reliable lower power lighter weight and higher
performance alternative to traditional rotating disk technology The 28F008SA brings new capabilities to porta-
ble computing Application and operating system software stored in resident flash memory arrays provide
instant-on rapid execute-in-place and protection from obsolescence through in-system software updates
Resident software also extends system battery life and increases reliability by reducing disk drive accesses
For high density data acquisition applications the 28F008SA offers a more cost-effective and reliable alterna-
tive to SRAM and battery Traditional high density embedded applications such as telecommunications can
take advantage of the 28F008SA’s nonvolatility blocking and minimal system code requirements for flexible
firmware and modular software designs
The 28F008SA is offered in 40-lead TSOP (standard and reverse) and 44-lead PSOP packages Pin assign-
ments simplify board layout when integrating multiple devices in a flash memory array or subsystem This
device uses an integrated Command User Interface and state machine for simplified block erasure and byte
write The 28F008SA memory map consists of 16 separately erasable 64-Kbyte blocks
Intel’s 28F008SA employs advanced CMOS circuitry for systems requiring low power consumption and noise
immunity Its 85 ns access time provides superior performance when compared with magnetic storage media
A deep powerdown mode lowers power consumption to 1 mW typical thru VCC crucial in portable computing
handheld instrumentation and other low-power applications The RP power control input also provides
absolute data protection during system powerup down
Manufactured on Intel’s 0 8 micron ETOX process the 28F008SA provides the highest levels of quality
reliability and cost-effectiveness
Other brands and names are the property of their respective owners
Information in this document is provided in connection with Intel products Intel assumes no liability whatsoever including infringement of any patent or
copyright for sale and use of Intel products except as provided in Intel’s Terms and Conditions of Sale for such products Intel retains the right to make
changes to these specifications at any time without notice Microcomputer Products may have minor variations to this specification known as errata
November 1995
Order Number 290429-005

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E28F008SA pdf
The 28F008SA is a high-performance 8-Mbit
(8 388 608 bit) memory organized as 1 Mbyte
(1 048 576 bytes) of 8 bits each Sixteen 64-Kbyte
(65 536 byte) blocks are included on the 28F008SA
A memory map is shown in Figure 6 of this specifica-
tion A block erase operation erases one of the six-
teen blocks of memory in typically 1 6 seconds in-
dependent of the remaining blocks Each block can
be independently erased and written 100 000 cy-
cles Erase Suspend mode allows system software
to suspend block erase to read data or execute
code from any other block of the 28F008SA
The 28F008SA is available in the 40-lead TSOP
(Thin Small Outline Package 1 2 mm thick) and 44-
lead PSOP (Plastic Small Outline) packages Pin-
outs are shown in Figures 2 and 4 of this specifica-
The Command User Interface serves as the inter-
face between the microprocessor or microcontroller
and the internal operation of the 28F008SA
Byte Write and Block Erase Automation allow
byte write and block erase operations to be execut-
ed using a two-write command sequence to the
Command User Interface The internal Write State
Machine (WSM) automatically executes the algo-
rithms and timings necessary for byte write and
block erase operations including verifications
thereby unburdening the microprocessor or micro-
controller Writing of memory data is performed in
byte increments typically within 9 ms an 80% im-
provement over current flash memory products IPP
byte write and block erase currents are 10 mA
typical 30 mA maximum VPP byte write and
block erase voltage is 11 4V to 12 6V
The Status Register indicates the status of the
WSM and when the WSM successfully completes
the desired byte write or block erase operation
The RY BY output gives an additional indicator of
WSM activity providing capability for both hardware
signal of status (versus software polling) and status
masking (interrupt masking for background erase
for example) Status polling using RY BY mini-
mizes both CPU overhead and system power con-
sumption When low RY BY indicates that the
WSM is performing a block erase or byte write oper-
ation RY BY high indicates that the WSM is ready
for new commands block erase is suspended or the
device is in deep powerdown mode
Maximum access time is 85 ns (tACC) over the com-
mercial temperature range (0 C to a70 C) and over
VCC supply voltage range (4 5V to 5 5V and 4 75V to
5 25V) ICC active current (CMOS Read) is 20 mA
typical 35 mA maximum at 8 MHz
When the CE and RP pins are at VCC the ICC
CMOS Standby mode is enabled
A Deep Powerdown mode is enabled when the
RP pin is at GND minimizing power consumption
and providing write protection ICC current in deep
powerdown is 0 20 mA typical Reset time of 400 ns
is required from RP switching high until outputs are
valid to read attempts Equivalently the device has a
wake time of 1 ms from RP high until writes to the
Command User Interface are recognized by the
28F008SA With RP at GND the WSM is reset
and the Status Register is cleared

Part Number E28F008SA
Description 8-MBIT (1-MBIT x 8) FlashFile MEMORY
Maker Intel - Intel
Total Page 30 Pages
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E28F008SA pdf
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E28F008SA pdf
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