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Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

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C0402X5R0J472K pdf
C Series
General Application
Issue date:
C0402 [EIA CC01005]
C0603 [EIA CC0201]
C1005 [EIA CC0402]
C1608 [EIA CC0603]
C2012 [EIA CC0805]
C3216 [EIA CC1206]
C3225 [EIA CC1210]
C4532 [EIA CC1812]
C5750 [EIA CC2220]
April 2011
US Catalog
Version B11
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No Preview Available !

C0402X5R0J472K pdf
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6. We are not responsible for problems that occur related to the intellectual property rights or other rights of
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7. This catalog only applies to products purchased through our company or one of our company’s official
agencies. This catalog does not apply to products that are purchased through other third parties.
Page 4
Version B11

Part Number C0402X5R0J472K
Description Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
Maker TDK - TDK
Total Page 30 Pages
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C0402X5R0J472K pdf
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C0402X5R0J472K pdf
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C0402X5R0J472K Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors C0402X5R0J472K

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