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2.4 Inch SVGA Color TFT LCD Module

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B084SN01-2 pdf
Version: 0.3
Total Pages: 15
Date: 2003/01/08
Product Functional Specification
8.4 inch SVGA Color TFT LCD Module
Model Name : B084SN01-2
( ) Preliminary Specification
(u ) Final Specification
Note: This Specification is subject to change without notice.

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B084SN01-2 pdf
Record of Revision
Version Revise Date
1 23/Feb./2001
2 16/Mar./2001
First draft.
4 Change Operating temperature => +60 +50(Max.)
9 Change parameter for Color chromaticity(CIE)
=> Wx=0.285 0.280 ; Wy=0.310 0.300(Min.)
Wx=0.315 0.310 ; Wy=0.340 0.330(Typ.)
Wx=0.345 0.340 ; Wy=0.370 0.360(Max.)
Bx=0.120 0.115 ; By=0.090 0.100(Min.)
Bx=0.150 0.145 ; By=0.120 0.130(Typ.)
Bx=0.180 0.175 ; By=0.150 0.160(Max.)
12 Change High temperature operation => 60 50
3 08/Jan./2003
5 30ms T1 70msec 50ms T1 80msec

Part Number B084SN01-2
Description 2.4 Inch SVGA Color TFT LCD Module
Maker au - au
Total Page 17 Pages
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B084SN01-2 pdf
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B084SN01-2 pdf
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