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92CD54IF pdf
CMOS 32-bit Micro-controller
1. Outline and Device Characteristics
TMP92CD54I is high-speed advanced 32-bit micro-controller developed for controlling
equipment which processes mass data.
TMP92CD54I is a micro-controller which has a high-performance CPU (900/H1 CPU) and
various built-in I/Os. TMP92CD54I is housed in a 100-pin mini flat package.
Device characteristics are as follows:
(1) CPU : 32-bit CPU(900/H1 CPU)
Compatible with TLCS-900,900/L,900/L1,900/H,900/H2’s instruction code
16Mbytes of linear address space
General-purpose register and register banks
Micro DMA : 8channels (250ns / 4bytes at fc = 20MHz, best case)
Minimum instruction execution time : 50ns(at 20MHz)
Internal data bus : 32-bit
(2) Internal memory
Internal RAM : 32K-byte
Internal ROM : 512K-byte Mask ROM

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92CD54IF pdf
(3) External memory expansion
16M-byte linear address space (memory mapped I/O)
External data bus : 8bit(for external I/O expansion)
* Can’t use upper address bus when built-in I/Os are selected
(4) Memory controller (MEMC)
Chip select output : 1 channel
(5) 8-bit timer : 8 channels
8-bit interval timer mode (8 channels)
16-bit interval timer mode (4 channels)
8-bit programmable pulse generation (PPG) output mode (4 channels)
8-bit pulse width modulation (PWM) output mode (4 channels)
(6) 16-bit timer : 2 channels
16-bit interval timer mode
16-bit event counter mode
16-bit programmable pulse generation (PPG) output mode
Frequency measurement mode
Pulse width measurement mode
Time differential measurement mode
(7) Serial interface (SIO) : 2 channels
I/O interface mode
Universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART) mode
(8) Serial expansion interface (SEI) : 1 channel
Baud rate 4/2/0.5Mbps at fc=20MHz.
(9) Serial bus interface (SBI) : 3 channels
Clocked-synchronous 8-bit serial interface mode
I2C bus mode
(10) CAN controller : 1channel
Supports CAN version 2.0B.
16 mailboxes
(11) 10-bit A/D converter (ADC) : 12 channels
A/D conversion time 8µsec @fc=20MHz.
Total tolerance +/- 3LSB (excluding quantization error)
Scan mode for all 12channels
(12) Watch dog timer (WDT)
(13) Timer for real-time clock (RTC)
Can operate with only low frequency oscillator.
(14) Interrupt controller (INTC) : 60 interrupt sources
9 interrupts from CPU
42 internal interrupt vectors
9 external interrupt vectors
(15) I/O Port : 68pins
(16) Standby mode
Four modes : IDLE3,IDLE2,IDLE1 and STOP
STOP mode can be released by 9 external inputs.
(17) Internal voltage detection flag (RAMSTB)

Part Number 92CD54IF
Description TMP92CD54IF
Maker Toshiba Semiconductor - Toshiba Semiconductor
Total Page 30 Pages
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92CD54IF pdf
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92CD54IF pdf
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