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Socket Modules

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70-782xxxx-1 pdf
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70-782xxxx-1 pdf
Advantages of the 70-SM Module System
Magnecraft plug in modules are
available in many variations allowing
wwwc.doatvaeshraeegt4eu.fcoormmost applications on
the market. The Metal Oxide Varis-
tor (MOV) circuit protects by shunt-
ing potentially damaging electrical
spikes away from the relay coil. The
Resistor Capacitor (R/C) circuit snubs
back Electro Motive Force (EMF) of
relay coil. The Diode circuit protects
external drive circuitry from inductive
voltages generated when removing
coil voltage. Finally, the Light Emitting
Diode (LED) circuit is to quickly inform
the user when power is present at the
coil. All of the plug in modules con-
nect their respective circuits in parallel
with the relay coil. No additional
wiring is required, and the modules fit
within maximum dimensions of relay
and socket.
Diode Circuit
Protects External Drive Circuitry
from Inductive Voltages Generated
when Removing Coil Voltage.
Polarity Sensitive.
LED Circuit
LED Status Lamp Verifies that Power is
Being Supplied to the Coil. Ideal for
Both AC and DC Applications,
Polarity Sensitive for DC Application.
The Complete
Plugging a module into a socket, connects
the circuit in parallel with the relay coil.
No additional wiring is required. No additional
tools are required. The modules fit within the
maximum dimensions of both the relay and socket.
Magnecraft Solution Guide 105A

Part Number 70-782xxxx-1
Description Socket Modules
Maker Magnecraft - Magnecraft
Total Page 24 Pages
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70-782xxxx-1 pdf
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70-782xxxx-1 pdf
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70-782xxxx-1 Socket Modules 70-782xxxx-1

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