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404344RF pdf
HD404344R Series/HD404394 Series
Rev. 7.0
Sept. 1999
The HD404344R series and HD404394 series 4-bit microcomputers are products of the HMCS400 series,
which is designed to make application systems compact while realizing higher performance and increasing
program productivity.
Each microcomputer has an A/D converter, two timers and a serial interface. The HD404344R series
includes the HD404344R with on-chip 4-kword ROM, HD404342R with 2-kword ROM, and HD404341R
with 1-kword ROM. The HD404394 series includes the HD404394 with on-chip 4-kword ROM,
HD404392 with 2-kword ROM, and HD404391 with 1-kword ROM.
The HD4074344 and HD4074394 are the PROM version ZTATmicrocomputers. Programs can be
written to the PROM by a PROM writer, which can dramatically shorten system development periods and
smooth the process from debugging to mass production. (The PROM program specifications are the same
as for the 27256.)
ZTAT: Zero Turn Around Time ZTAT is a Trademark of Hitachi Ltd.
Input/output pins
HD404344R series, HD4074344: 22 pins
(10pins: Large-current I/O pins)
HD404394 series: 21 pins
(3 pins: intermediate-voltage NMOS open drain I/O; 5 pins: NMOS open drain I/O with 15-mA
high-current driver)
Two timer/counters
One timer output
One event counter input (with programmable edge detection)
8-bit clock-synchronous serial interface (1 channel)
On-chip A/D converter
HD404344R series, HD4074344: 8 bit × 4 channel
HD404394 series: 8 bit × 3 channel (with Vref pin)
Built-in oscillator

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404344RF pdf
HD404344R Series/HD404394 Series
HD404344R Series
Ceramic oscillator, CR oscillation, External clock drive is also possible.
HD404394 Series, HD4074344
Ceramic oscillator, External clock drive is also possible.
Five interrupt sources
One by external source (with programmable edge detection)
Four by internal sources
Subroutine stack
Maximum 16 levels including interrupts
Two low-power dissipation modes
Standby mode
Stop mode
One input signal to return from stop mode
Instruction cycle time
1 µs (fOSC = 4 MHz)

Part Number 404344RF
Description HD404344
Maker Hitachi - Hitachi
Total Page 30 Pages
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404344RF pdf
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404344RF pdf
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