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TLP1032(F), TLP1033A(F)
TOSHIBA Photointerrupter Infrared LED + Photo IC
TLP1032(F), TLP1033A(F)
Domestic electrical appliances such as VTRs and
CD players
Office equipment such as photocopiers, printers
and fax machines
Vending machines
Position detectors
The TLP1032(F)/TLP1033A(F) is a high-withstanding-voltage
photo-interrupter for digital output. The device combines a
high-optical-output GaAs infrared LED with a high-sensitivity,
high-gain Si photo-IC. The photo-IC, which supports a wide range of
systems (3.3 V to 12 V), enables the device to consume less power
than conventional devices. The device also features a narrow slit
width and high resolution.
The short lead package allows automatic mounting.
Designed for direct mounting on printed circuit boards
(positioning pins included)
The short lead package allows automatic mounting:
Lead length of 3.4 ± 0.3 mm
Permissible board thickness: 1.6 mm or less
Gap: 5 mm
Resolution: Slit width of 0.5 mm
Digital output (open-collector)
TLP1032(F) : Low-level output at shielding
TLP1033A(F): High-level output at shielding
Direct connection to logic IC
Power supply voltage: VCC = 2.7 V~15 V
High-speed response
Detector impermeable to visible light
Package material: Polybutylene-terephthalate (UL94V-0, black)
Weight: 0.6 g (typ.)
1 2007-10-01
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