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March 1989
LM104 LM204 LM304 Negative Regulator
General Description
The LM104 series are precision voltage regulators which
can be programmed by a single external resistor to supply
any voltage from 40V down to zero while operating from a
single unregulated supply They can also provide 0 01-per-
cent regulation in circuits using a separate floating bias
supply where the output voltage is limited only by the
breakdown of external pass transistors Although designed
primarily as linear series regulators the circuits can be used
as switching regulators current regulators or in a number of
other control applications Typical performance characteris-
tics are
Y Subsurface zener reference
Y 1 mV regulation no load to full load
Y 0 01% V line regulation
Y 0 2 mV V ripple rejection
Y 0 3% temperature stability over military temperature
The LM104 series is the complement of the LM105 positive
regulator intended for systems requiring regulated negative
voltages which have a common ground with the unregulated
supply By themselves they can deliver output currents to
25 mA but external transistors can be added to get any
desired current The output voltage is set by external resis-
tors and either constant or foldback current limiting is made
The LM104 is specified for operation over the b55 C to
a125 C military temperature range The LM204 is specified
for operation over the b25 C to a85 C temperature range
The LM304 is specified for operation from 0 C to a70 C
Schematic Diagram
C1995 National Semiconductor Corporation TL H 7754
TL H 7754 – 1
RRD-B30M115 Printed in U S A

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