AD664 Datasheet
Monolithic 12-Bit Quad DAC

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12-Bit Quad DAC
Four Complete Voltage Output DACs
Data Register Readback Feature
“Reset to Zero” Override
Multiplying Operation
Double-Buffered Latches
Surface Mount and DIP Packages
MIL-STD-883 Compliant Versions Available
Automatic Test Equipment
Process Control
Disk Drives
The AD664 is four complete 12-bit, voltage-output DACs on
one monolithic IC chip. Each DAC has a double-buffered input
latch structure and a data readback function. All DAC read and
write operations occur through a single microprocessor-compatible
I/O port.
The I/O port accommodates 4-, 8- or 12-bit parallel words al-
lowing simple interfacing with a wide variety of microprocessors.
A reset to zero control pin is provided to allow a user to simulta-
neously reset all DAC outputs to zero, regardless of the contents
of the input latch. Any one or all of the DACs may be placed in
a transparent mode allowing immediate response by the outputs
to the input data.
The analog portion of the AD664 consists of four DAC cells,
four output amplifiers, a control amplifier and switches. Each
DAC cell is an inverting R-2R type. The output current from
each DAC is switched to the on-board application resistors and
output amplifier. The output range of each DAC cell is pro-
grammed through the digital I/O port and may be set to unipo-
lar or bipolar range, with a gain of one or two times the reference
voltage. All DACs are operated from a single external reference.
The functional completeness of the AD664 results from the
combination of Analog Devices’ BiMOS II process, laser-trimmed
thin-film resistors and double-level metal interconnects.
1. The AD664 provides four voltage-output DACs on one chip
offering the highest density 12-bit D/A function available.
2. The output range of each DAC is fully and independently
3. Readback capability allows verification of contents of the in-
ternal data registers.
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44-Pin Package
28-Pin DIP Package
4. The asynchronous RESET control returns all D/A outputs
to zero volts.
5. DAC-to-DAC matching performance is specified and tested.
6. Linearity error is specified to be 1/2 LSB at room tempera-
ture and 3/4 LSB maximum for the K, B and T grades.
7. DAC performance is guaranteed to be monotonic over the
full operating temperature range.
8. Readback buffers have tristate outputs.
9. Multiplying-mode operation allows use with fixed or vari-
able, positive or negative external references.
10. The AD664 is available in versions compliant with MIL-
STD-883. Refer to the Analog Devices Military Products
Databook or current AD664/883B data sheet for detailed
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