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HAL815A Datasheet

Programmable Linear Hall Sensor

HAL815A Datasheet Preview

Programmable Linear
Hall Sensor
Edition Nov. 10, 2000
Page 1

HAL 815
3 1.
3 1.1.
3 1.2.
4 1.3.
4 1.4.
4 1.5.
4 1.6.
4 1.7.
Major Applications
Marking Code
Operating Junction Temperature Range (TJ)
Hall Sensor Package Codes
Pin Connections and Short Descriptions
5 2. Functional Description
5 2.1. General Function
7 2.2. Digital Signal Processing and EEPROM
9 2.3. Calibration Procedure
General Procedure
Calibration of the Angle Sensor
11 3.
11 3.1. Outline Dimensions
11 3.2. Dimensions of Sensitive Area
11 3.3. Position of Sensitive Area
12 3.4. Absolute Maximum Ratings
12 3.5. Recommended Operating Conditions
13 3.6. Electrical Characteristics
14 3.7. Magnetic Characteristics
14 3.8. Open-Circuit Detection
14 3.9. Overvoltage and Undervoltage Detection
Typical Characteristics
17 4.
Application Notes
17 4.1. Application Circuit
17 4.2. Use of two HAL 815 in Parallel
17 4.3. Temperature Compensation
18 4.4. Undervoltage Behavior
18 4.5. Ambient Temperature
18 4.6. EMC and ESD
19 5.
Programming of the Sensor
19 5.1. Definition of Programming Pulses
19 5.2. Definition of the Telegram
21 5.3. Telegram Codes
22 5.4. Number Formats
23 5.5. Register Information
23 5.6. Programming Information
24 6.
Data Sheet History
Note: Some exclusivity restrictions may apply for the use of this sensor in automotive applications.
2 Micronas
Page 2

HAL 815
Programmable Linear Hall Effect Sensor
1. Introduction
The HAL 815 is a new member of the Micronas family
of programmable linear Hall sensors. As an extension
to the HAL 800, it offers open-circuit, as well as over-
voltage and undervoltage detection and individual pro-
gramming of different sensors which are in parallel to
the same supply voltage.
The HAL 815 is an universal magnetic field sensor with
a linear output based on the Hall effect. The IC is
designed and produced in sub-micron CMOS technol-
ogy and can be used for angle or distance measure-
ments if combined with a rotating or moving magnet.
The major characteristics like magnetic field range,
sensitivity, output quiescent voltage (output voltage at
B = 0 mT), and output voltage range are programma-
ble in a non-volatile memory. The sensor has a ratio-
metric output characteristic, which means that the out-
put voltage is proportional to the magnetic flux and the
supply voltage.
The HAL 815 features a temperature-compensated
Hall plate with choppered offset compensation, an A/D
converter, digital signal processing, a D/A converter
with output driver, an EEPROM memory with redun-
dancy and lock function for the calibration data, a
serial interface for programming the EEPROM, and
protection devices at all pins. The internal digital signal
processing is of great benefit because analog offsets,
temperature shifts, and mechanical stress do not
degrade the sensor accuracy.
The HAL 815 is programmable by modulating the sup-
ply voltage. No additional programming pin is needed.
The easy programmability allows a 2-point calibration
by adjusting the output voltage directly to the input sig-
nal (like mechanical angle, distance, or current). Indi-
vidual adjustment of each sensor during the cus-
tomer’s manufacturing process is possible. With this
calibration procedure, the tolerances of the sensor, the
magnet, and the mechanical positioning can be com-
pensated in the final assembly. This offers a low-cost
alternative for all applications that presently need
mechanical adjustment or laser trimming for calibrating
the system.
In addition, the temperature compensation of the Hall
IC can be fit to all common magnetic materials by pro-
gramming first and second order temperature coeffi-
cients of the Hall sensor sensitivity. This enables oper-
ation over the full temperature range with high
The calculation of the individual sensor characteristics
and the programming of the EEPROM memory can
easily be done with a PC and the application kit from
The sensor is designed for hostile industrial and auto-
motive applications and operates with typically 5 V
supply voltage in the ambient temperature range from
40 °C up to 150 °C. The HAL 815 is available in the
very small leaded package TO-92UT.
1.1. Major Applications
Due to the sensor’s versatile programming character-
istics, the HAL 815 is the optimal system solution for
applications such as:
– contactless potentiometers,
– angle sensors,
– distance measurements,
– magnetic field and current measurement.
1.2. Features
– high-precision linear Hall effect sensor with
ratiometric output and digital signal processing
– multiple programmable magnetic characteristics in a
non-volatile memory (EEPROM) with redundancy
and lock function
– open-circuit (ground and supply line break detec-
tion), overvoltage and undervoltage detection
– for programming an individual sensor within several
sensors in parallel to the same supply voltage, a
selection can be done via the output pin
– to enable programming of an individual sensor
amongst several sensors running parallel to the
same supply voltage, each sensor can be selected
via its output pin
– temperature characteristics are programmable for
matching all common magnetic materials
– programmable clamping function
– programming through a modulation of the supply
– operates from 40 °C up to 150 °C
ambient temperature
– operates from 4.5 V up to 5.5 V supply voltage in
specification and functions up to 8.5 V
– total error < 2.0% over operating voltage range and
temperature range
– operates with static magnetic fields and dynamic
magnetic fields up to 2 kHz
– overvoltage and reverse-voltage protection at all pins
– magnetic characteristics extremely robust against
mechanical stress
– short-circuit protected push-pull output
– EMC and ESD optimized design
Page 3
Part Number HAL815A
Manufactur ETC
Description Programmable Linear Hall Sensor
Total Page 24 Pages
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