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Samsung semiconductor
Samsung semiconductor

S3P9228 Datasheet


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8-Bit CMOS
Revision 1
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Revision 1
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Important Notice
The information in this publication has been
carefully checked and is believed to be entirely
accurate at the time of publication. Samsung
assumes no responsibility, however, for possible
errors or omissions, or for any consequences
resulting from the use of the information contained
Samsung reserves the right to make changes in its
products or product specifications with the intent to
improve function or design at any time and without
notice and is not required to update this
documentation to reflect such changes.
This publication does not convey to a purchaser of
semiconductor devices described herein any license
under the patent rights of Samsung or others.
Samsung makes no warranty, representation, or
guarantee regarding the suitability of its products for
any particular purpose, nor does Samsung assume
any liability arising out of the application or use of
any product or circuit and specifically disclaims any
and all liability, including without limitation any
consequential or incidental damages.
"Typical" parameters can and do vary in different
applications. All operating parameters, including
"Typicals" must be validated for each customer
application by the customer's technical experts.
Samsung products are not designed, intended, or
authorized for use as components in systems
intended for surgical implant into the body, for other
applications intended to support or sustain life, or for
any other application in which the failure of the
Samsung product could create a situation where
personal injury or death may occur.
Should the Buyer purchase or use a Samsung
product for any such unintended or unauthorized
application, the Buyer shall indemnify and hold
Samsung and its officers, employees, subsidiaries,
affiliates, and distributors harmless against all
claims, costs, damages, expenses, and reasonable
attorney fees arising out of, either directly or
indirectly, any claim of personal injury or death that
may be associated with such unintended or
unauthorized use, even if such claim alleges that
Samsung was negligent regarding the design or
manufacture of said product.
S3C9228/P9228 8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers
User's Manual, Revision 1
Publication Number: 21-S3-C9228/P9228-112002
© 2002 Samsung Electronics
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in
any form or by any means, electric or mechanical, by photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior
written consent of Samsung Electronics.
Samsung Electronics' microcontroller business has been awarded full ISO-14001
certification (BVQI Certificate No 9330) All semiconductor products are designed
and manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
San #24 Nongseo-Ri, Kiheung-Eup
Yongin-City, Kyunggi-Do, Korea
C.P.O. Box #37, Suwon 449-900
TEL: (82)-(331)-209-1907
FAX: (82)-(331)-209-1889
Home-Page URL: Http://
Printed in the Republic of Korea
Page 3

The S3C9228/P9228 Microcontrollers User's Manual is designed for application designers and programmers who
are using the S3C9228/P9228 microcontrollers for application development. It is organized in two main parts:
Part I Programming Model
Part II Hardware Descriptions
Part I contains software-related information to familiarize you with the microcontroller's architecture,
programming model, instruction set, and interrupt structure. It has six chapters:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Product Overview
Address Spaces
Addressing Modes
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Control Registers
Interrupt Structure
SAM88RCRI Instruction Set
Chapter 1, "Product Overview," is a high-level introduction to the 100% with general product descriptions, as well
as detailed information about individual pin characteristics and pin circuit types.
Chapter 2, "Address Spaces," explains the 100% program and data memory, internal register file, and mapped
control register, and explains how to address them. Chapter 2 also describes working register addressing, as well
as system stack and user-defined stack operations.
Chapter 3, "Addressing Modes," contains detailed descriptions of the addressing modes that are supported by the
Chapter 4, "Control Registers," contains overview tables for all mapped system and peripheral control register
values, as well as detailed one-page descriptions in standard format. You can use these easy-to-read,
alphabetically organized, register descriptions as a quick-reference source when writing programs.
Chapter 5, "Interrupt Structure," describes the 100% interrupt structure in detail and further prepares you for
additional information presented in the individual hardware module descriptions in Part II.
Chapter 6, "SAM88RCRI Instruction Set," describes the features and conventions of the instruction set used for
all S3C9-series microcontrollers. Several summary tables are presented for orientation and reference. Detailed
descriptions of each instruction are presented in a standard format. Each instruction description includes one or
more practical examples of how to use the instruction when writing an application program.
A basic familiarity with the information in Part I will help you to understand the hardware module descriptions in
Part II. If you are not yet familiar with the SAM8 product family and are reading this manual for the first time, we
recommend that you first read chapters 1–3 carefully. Then, briefly look over the detailed information in chapters
4, 5, and 6. Later, you can reference the information in Part I as necessary.
Part II "hardware Descriptions," has detailed information about specific hardware components of the
S3C9228/P9228 microcontrollers. Also included in Part II are electrical, mechanical, OTP, and development
tools data. It has 13 chapters:
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Clock Circuits
RESET and Power-Down
I/O Ports
Basic Timer
Timer 1
Watch Timer
LCD Controller/Driver
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
10-bit ADC
Serial I/O Interface
Electrical Data
Mechanical Data
S3P9228 OTP
Development Tools
Two order forms are included at the back of this manual to facilitate customer order for S3C9228/P9228
microcontrollers: the Mask ROM Order Form, and the Mask Option Selection Form. You can photocopy these
forms, fill them out, and then forward them to your local Samsung Sales Representative.
Page 4
Part Number S3P9228
Manufactur Samsung semiconductor
Total Page 30 Pages
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