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MR-E-70A-QW003 Datasheet

General Purpose AC Servo

MR-E-70A-QW003 Datasheet Preview

General-Purpose AC Servo
General-Purpose Interface
Page 1

Safety Instructions
(Always read these instructions before using the equipment.)
Do not attempt to install, operate, maintain or inspect the servo amplifier and servo motor until you have read
through this Instruction Manual, Installation guide, Servo motor Instruction Manual and appended documents
carefully and can use the equipment correctly. Do not use the servo amplifier and servo motor until you have a
full knowledge of the equipment, safety information and instructions.
In this Instruction Manual, the safety instruction levels are classified into "WARNING" and "CAUTION".
Indicates that incorrect handling may cause hazardous conditions,
resulting in death or severe injury.
Indicates that incorrect handling may cause hazardous conditions,
resulting in medium or slight injury to personnel or may cause physical
Note that the CAUTION level may lead to a serious consequence according to conditions. Please follow the
instructions of both levels because they are important to personnel safety.
What must not be done and what must be done are indicated by the following diagrammatic symbols.
: Indicates what must not be done. For example, "No Fire" is indicated by .
: Indicates what must be done. For example, grounding is indicated by .
In this Instruction Manual, instructions at a lower level than the above, instructions for other functions, and so
on are classified into "POINT".
After reading this installation guide, always keep it accessible to the operator.
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Page 2

1. To prevent electric shock, note the following
Before wiring or inspection, turn off the power and wait for 15 minutes or more until the charge lamp turns
off. Otherwise, an electric shock may occur. In addition, always confirm from the front of the servo
amplifier, whether the charge lamp is off or not.
Connect the servo amplifier and servo motor to ground.
Any person who is involved in wiring and inspection should be fully competent to do the work.
Do not attempt to wire the servo amplifier and servo motor until they have been installed. Otherwise, you
www.DataSheet4U.cmomay get an electric shock.
Operate the switches with dry hand to prevent an electric shock.
The cables should not be damaged, stressed, loaded, or pinched. Otherwise, you may get an electric
2. To prevent fire, note the following
Install the servo amplifier, servo motor and regenerative resistor on incombustible material. Installing them
directly or close to combustibles will lead to a fire.
Always connect a magnetic contactor (MC) between the main circuit power supply and L1, L2, and L3 of the
servo amplifier, and configure the wiring to be able to shut down the power supply on the side of the servo
amplifier’s power supply. If a magnetic contactor (MC) is not connected, continuous flow of a large current
may cause a fire when the servo amplifier malfunctions.
When a regenerative resistor is used, use an alarm signal to switch main power off. Otherwise, a
regenerative transistor fault or the like may overheat the regenerative resistor, causing a fire.
3. To prevent injury, note the follow
Only the voltage specified in the Instruction Manual should be applied to each terminal, Otherwise, a
burst, damage, etc. may occur.
Connect the terminals correctly to prevent a burst, damage, etc.
Ensure that polarity ( , ) is correct. Otherwise, a burst, damage, etc. may occur.
Take safety measures, e.g. provide covers, to prevent accidental contact of hands and parts (cables, etc.)
with the servo amplifier heat sink, regenerative resistor, servo motor, etc. since they may be hot while
power is on or for some time after power-off. Their temperatures may be high and you may get burnt or a
parts may damaged.
During operation, never touch the rotating parts of the servo motor. Doing so can cause injury.
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Page 3
Part Number MR-E-70A-QW003
Description General Purpose AC Servo
Total Page 30 Pages
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