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Microsemi Corporation

LX1692A Datasheet

Full Bridge Resonant CCFL Controller

LX1692A Datasheet Preview
® Full Bridge Resonant CCFL Controller
Microsemi’s LX1692A is a cost The LX1692A regulates the CCFL
reduced, third generation Direct Drive brightness in three ways: analog
CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent dimming, digital dimming, or combined
Lamp) controller. The integrated analog and digital dimming methods
controller is optimized to drive simultaneously to achieve the widest
CCFL’s using resonant full bridge dimming range (> 60 to 1).
inverter topology.
The LX1692A can accept a
Resonant full bridge topology brightness control signal that is either
provides near sinusoidal waveforms an analog voltage or a direct low
over a wide supply voltage range in frequency PWM.
order to maximize the life of CCFL The LX1692A also features
lamps, control EMI emissions, and integrated gate drivers for the four
maximize efficiency. This new archi- external power MOSFETs.
tecture also provides a wide dimming An integrated 4V LDO powers all
internal control circuitry greatly
The LX1692A includes safety simplifying supply voltage require-
features that limit the transformer ments.
secondary voltage and protect against The LX1692A is available in a 20-
fault conditions which include open Pin TSSOP.
lamp, broken lamp and short-circuit
IMPORTANT: For the most current data, consult MICROSEMI’s website:
Protected by U.S. Patents: 5,615,093; 5,923,129; 5,930,121; 6,198,234; Patents Pending
ƒ For Wide Voltage Range Inverter
Application (7V to 22V)
ƒ Patent resonant strike for
unsurpassed striking power
combined with best efficiency
ƒ Low Stress to transformers
ƒ Excellent open circuit voltage
regulation reduces transformer
breakdown voltage requirements
while striking higher voltage
ƒ One inverter for multiple panel
ƒ Wide Dimming Range
Analog Dimming: >3 to 1
Digital Dimming : >20 to 1
Combined: >60 to 1
ƒ Fool-Proof Striking
ƒ Programmable Burst Dimming
ƒ Programmable Time Out
ƒ Fixed Operating Frequency
ƒ Open lamp voltage protection,
Short lamp protection, Arc
ƒ Compatible with Existing
ƒ Even Display Light Distribution
ƒ Longer Lamp Life with Optimized
Lamp Current Amplitude
ƒ Reduced Operating Voltage
Lowers Corona Discharge and
Prolongs Module Life
ƒ High “Nits / Watt” Efficiency
Makes Less Heat and Brighter
ƒ Notebook PC
TA (°C)
-20 to +85
Plastic TSSOP
PW 20-Pin
RoHS Compliant / Pb-free
Note: Available in Tape & Reel. Append the letters “TR” to the
part number. (i.e. LX1692AIPW-TR)
1 Arc protection is provided if the arcing level is enough to be trigged.
Copyright © 2004
Rev. 1.1, 2/27/2006
Integrated Products Division
11861 Western Avenue, Garden Grove, CA. 92841, 714-898-8121, Fax: 714-893-2570
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Integrated Products Division
11861 Western Avenue, Garden Grove, CA. 92841, 714-898-8121, Fax: 714-893-2570
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Part Number LX1692A
Manufactur Microsemi Corporation
Description Full Bridge Resonant CCFL Controller
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