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LFDS060 Datasheet

Disconnect Switches

LFDS060 Datasheet Preview

Disconnect Switches
The LFFS series fusible switches eliminate the need for a
separate fuse block by integrating a three pole fuse holder
into the switch body. This saves precious panel space and
reduces wiring time. These rod-operated devices are UL
Listed and CSA Certified.
The LFDS series disconnect switches can be used with
external fuse blocks, permitting the use of RK1, RK5,
Class J and Class CC fuses.
Littelfuse disconnect switches are perfect for use where the
National Electrical Code requires that a separate disconnect
means be located within sight of all motor loads. Commonly
used as a main switch or distribution switches, these units
are also ideal for use as safety switches for air conditioners,
pumps and compressors.
Voltage: 600VAC
Interrupting Rating: 10,000 amperes
Required Screw Torque: 16 inch pounds
Ampere Rating: LFFS030CC: 30 Amperes
LFDS040: 40 Amperes
LFDS060: 60 Amperes
Approvals: UL Listed (File No. E166081)
CSA Certified
Terminals: Accepts wire size through 8AWG
Part Number
LFFS030 CC 30A fusible switch with integrated
Class CC fuse holder
40A non-fusible switch
60A non-fusible switch
See below for Handles and Accessories (sold separately)
s Reduce panel costs — This is the smallest 30A discon-
nect switch and fuse block on the market. This minimizes
panel space, reducing enclosure costs.
s Minimize wiring time — Integral Class CC block elimi-
nates the need to install separate fuse blocks (LFFS only).
s Reduce installation costs — Panel-mount or integral DIN
rail adapter allows quick and easy mounting.
s Protect personnel — Dead Front design eliminates
contact with live parts. Optional terminal covers add extra
degree of protection for personnel.
s Expandable — Optional auxiliary contact blocks and
power poles quickly attach for up to 6 poles per switch.
s Optional shafts available for enclosures 3.5" through
20" deep.
s Lockout style available to meet OSHA Standard for
control of hazardous energy sources (LFRK001 only).
s Operator handles meet IP65.
Red Handle
Red Knob
Black Handle
Black Knob
Black Knob
LFCB001 Add-on Contact Block (N. O.)
LFCB002 Add-on Contact Block (N. C.)
LFPP001 Add-on Power Pole (N. O.)
LFPP002 Add-on Power Pole (N. C.)
Shaft (19.68")
Shaft (11.81")
Shaft (7.78")
* Includes mounting hardware and standard length shaft
for enclosures 3.5" through 8" deep.
**Supplied with 2" shaft
Terminal Cover
(1 Pair)
Page 1
Part Number LFDS060
Manufactur Littelfuse
Description Disconnect Switches
Total Page 1 Pages
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