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MAX11014 Datasheet

(MAX11014 / MAX11015) Automatic RF MESFET Amplifier Drain-Current Controllers

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MAX11014 pdf
XX-XXXX; Rev 0; 10/05
Automatic RF MESFET Amplifier
Drain-Current Controllers
General Description
The MAX11014/MAX11015 set and control bias condi-
tions for dual MESFET power devices found in point-to-
point communication and other microwave base
stations. The MAX11014 integrates complete dual ana-
log closed-loop drain-current controllers for Class A
MESFET amplifier operation while the MAX11015 tar-
gets Class AB operation. Both devices integrate SRAM
lookup tables (LUTs) that can be used to store temper-
ature and drain-current compensation data.
Each device includes dual high-side current-sense
amplifiers to monitor the MESFET drain currents
through the voltage drop across the sense resistors in
the range of 0mV to 625mV. External diode-connected
transistors monitor the MESFET temperatures while an
internal temperature sensor measures the local die tem-
perature of the MAX11014/MAX11015. The internal
DAC sets the voltages across the current-sense resis-
tors by controlling the GATE voltages. The internal 12-
bit SAR ADC digitizes internal and external
temperature, internal DAC voltages, current-sense
amplifier voltages and external GATE voltages. Two of
the 11 ADC channels are available as general-purpose
analog inputs for analog system monitoring.
The MAX11014’s gate-drive amplifier functions as an
integrator for the Class A drain-current control loop
while the MAX11015’s gate-drive amplifier functions
with a gain of -2 for Class AB applications. The current-
limited gate-drive amplifier can be fast clamped to an
external voltage independent of the digital input from
the serial interface. Both the MAX11014 and the
MAX11015 include selfcalibration modes to minimize
error over time, temperature, and supply voltage.
The MAX11014/MAX11015 feature an internal reference
and can operate from separate ADC and DAC external
references. The internal reference provides a well-regu-
lated, low-noise +2.5V reference for the ADC, DAC, and
temperature sensors. These integrated circuits operate
from a 4-wire 20MHz SPI™-/MICROWIRE™-compatible
or 3.4MHz I2C*-compatible serial interface (pin-selec-
table). Both devices operate from a +4.75V to +5.25V
analog supply (2.8mA typical supply current), a +2.7V
to +5.25V digital supply (1.5mA typical supply current),
and -4.5V to -5.5V negative supplies (1.1mA supply
current). The MAX11014/MAX11015 are available in a
48-pin thin QFN package specified over the -40°C to
+105°C temperature range.
Purchase of I2C components from Maxim Integrated Products,
Inc. or one of its sublicensed Associated Companies, conveys
a license under the Phillips I2C Patent Rights to use these com-
ponents in an I2C system, provided that the system conforms to
the I2C Standard Specification as defined by Phillips.
Dual Drain-Current-Sense Gain Amplifier
Preset Gain of 4
±0.5% Accuracy for Sense Voltages Between
75mV and 625mV (MAX11014)
Common-Mode Sense-Resistor Voltage Range
0.5V to 11V (MAX11014)
5V to 32V (MAX11015)
Low-Noise Output GATE Bias with ±10mA GATE
Fast Clamp and Power-On Reset
12-Bit DAC Controls MESFET GATE Voltage
Internal Temperature Sensor/Dual Remote Diode
Temperature Sensors
Internal 12-Bit ADC Measures Temperature and
Pin-Selectable Serial Interface
3.4MHz I2C-Compatible Interface
20MHz SPI-Compatible Interface
Ordering Information
MAX11014 -40°C to 48 Thin
+105°C QFN
T4877-6 Class A
MAX11015 -40°C to 48 Thin
BGTM+* +105°C QFN
T4877-6 Class AB
+ Denotes a lead-free package.
*Future product—contact factory for availability.
Pin Configuration and Typical Operating Circuit appear at
end of data sheet.
Cellular Base-Station RF MESFET Bias Controllers
Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint Links
Industrial Process Control
SPI is a trademark of Motorola, Inc.
MICROWIRE is a trademark of National Semiconductor Corp.
________________________________________________________________ Maxim Integrated Products 1
For pricing, delivery, and ordering information, please contact Maxim/Dallas Direct! at
1-888-629-4642, or visit Maxim’s website at

Part Number MAX11014
Description (MAX11014 / MAX11015) Automatic RF MESFET Amplifier Drain-Current Controllers
Maker Maxim Integrated Products
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