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G22K7MCD8 Datasheet Preview

G22K7MCD8 Datasheet

Medical Catheter micro-BetaCHIP Probe

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G22K7MCD8 pdf
BetaTHERM Sensors
Medical Catheter micro-BetaCHIP Probe
Medical Catheter micro-BetaCHIP Probe:
¥ Thermodilution catheters and other medical
¥ General Medical applications.
Thermistor Configuration
Custom lengths
3.18mm Nominal
Custom Lengths
1.5 Meter Typ.
0.457mm Dia. Typ.
38 AWG Solid Nickel
Epoxy Filled Polyimide
with Isomid Insulation
Tube (0.001" wall thickness)
Sample Part Number:
G 22K 7 MCD 8
Factory Assigned Number
micro-Chip Probe
Material Curve #
Resistance Value
Glass Coated Element
¥ Rapid Time Constant (200 milliseconds in liquids).
¥ Custom tolerances available.
¥ 0.3 mW/oC typ. Dissipation Constant in air at 25oC.
¥ Smaller than the mini-BetaCURVE device.
¥ Custom designs available.
The Medical Catheter micro-BetaCHIP probe is
packaged similar to the standard micro-BetaCHIP Probe
except that the thermistor element is a glass coated
thermistor of specific resistance value. The glass coated
thermistor adds extra moisture protection to the probe
The probe is produced for Medical applications
which require rapid temperature response and very small
size. When used in thermodilution catheters, the thermistor
measures blood flow characteristics in the human body.
Supplied with custom lead lengths near 1.5 meters on small
reels (spools) with calibration data at 37oC. The standard
thermistor is denoted as G22K7MCD8. Many other custom
versions have been produced by BetaTHERM to meet
customers specific design criteria.
Medical Catheter micro-BetaCHIP Probe Part Number and Specifications:
Part Number
Resistance @
25 oC (ohms)
Resistance (ohms) and
Tolerance @ 37 oC
@ 25 oC
0/50 oC Beta Curve #
14004 +/- 15%
BETA ApS (DK + NO): Phone: +45 59 31 11 88, Fax: +45 59 31 12 10, email:
BEATA Komponent AB (SE): Phone: +46 (0)392 360 40, Fax: +46 (0)392 360 41, e-mail:
16 BETA Finland OY (FI): Phone: +358 (0)9 260 9209, Fax: +358 (0)9 260 9208, e-mai:

Part Number G22K7MCD8
Description Medical Catheter micro-BetaCHIP Probe
Maker BetaTHERM
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